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How to Choose a Lift & Recline Chair

Electric lift and recline chairs, also known simply as “lift chairs” or “rise and recline chairs” are designed to assist users when rising from a seated position. By raising the chair up the user is able to safely transfer on or off the chair from close to a standing position. This provides both a stable position to transfer from and greatly assists those with poor shoulder, arm or hand strength, instability or weak leg function.  These chairs also offer an electric recline mechanism, including footboard raise, to provide exceptional comfort and promote circulation.

They come in two standard configurations: single or dual motor and are available in various sizes from petite to Bariatric. Available in a wide range of fabrics and colours to suit all users.

Key considerations when choosing a wheelchair include

  • Single or dual motor?
  • Correct chair sizing
  • The user’s needs, abilities and limitations
  • Environmental factors – standard or wall saver model?
  • Financial factors

Some of the benefits of using a lift chair include:

  • Increase of functionality and wellbeing by assisting sitting to standing transfers
  • Correct posture through multiple seating positions
  • Elimination of shoulder fatigue associated with manual recliners
  • Leg elevation for fluid reduction and promotion of circulation
  • Studies have proved that Electric Lift & Recline function in posture supporting chairs maintains muscular tone due to the reduction of lower skeletal joint fatigue & degeneration.

When deciding whether to buy a lift and recline chair we believe that assessment and trial of the chair prior to making a decision is vital. At Life Mobility we have over 15 years’ experience in helping you choose the right model, at the right price, to suit your specific needs. Call us now to arrange a no-obligation free trial on any model in our range!


1.Single or dual motor?

2.Correct chair sizing

3.The user’s needs, abilities and limitations

4.Environmental factors – standard or wall saver model?

5.Financial factors


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