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Guide to Selecting a Hoist

Having a hoist in your home can be life changing!

A hoist is a mechanical device with a sling attached to help transfer people with limited mobility from one place to another. Each hoist is designed to help the carer to pick up and transfer a person safely without putting any strain on their back or neck.

There are a variety of hoists available for people with different needs. The type of hoist you choose depends on several factors:

  • The level of physical and cognitive ability of the person being lifted
  • The weight of the individual
  • The environment in which the hoist is to be used
  • The transfer type and purpose

Different slings are also recommended depending on the type of hoist, and the weight and needs of the individual. These can vary from full body assist slings, general purpose slings to toileting slings.

There are two main types of hoists – a lifting hoist and a stand-assist hoist:

Lifting Hoist

A lifting hoist is designed for people who are confined to a bed due to major illness or injury and are unable to move at all on their own. They can be used in hospitals, nursing homes and in your home.

The Advanced Lifting Hoist is a compact, folding, battery operated hoist designed for lifting and transferring a person from a bed, chair or off the floor. The unique ‘swan neck’ leg design allows the hoist to get even closer to wide obstacles like armchairs.

The Birdie Lifting Hoist has maximum space for the user, even when in the highest position. It offers a truly comfortable transfer from beds, chairs or the floor. It also has an intelligent service monitoring system built into the control box. This includes a service reminder, emergency operation audio battery alarm and battery indicator.

The Birdie Lifting Hoist has intelligent technology to tell you when it’s time for servicing and when the battery is low.

The Birdie Lifting Hoist has intelligent technology to tell you when it’s time for servicing and when the battery is low.

Standing Hoists

Standing hoists helps people with partial mobility to stand easily and safely. They can be used for both clinical environments as well as at home. However, the individual using the hoist must be capable of bearing some weight in the standing position. They also cannot be used to lift a person from a lying down position or off the floor.

The Journey Standing Lifter incorporates the latest design and manufacturing technologies. It is a mobile, folding, battery operated stand up hoist which brings a person from sitting to a supported standing position.

The Roze Standing Lifter is compact and maneuverable. It provides an easy, safe and comfortable assisted transfer, primarily for those with some weight bearing capacity.

The Journey Standing Lifter helps to bring a person from sitting to a standing position.

The Journey Standing Lifter helps to bring a person from sitting to a standing position.


As a precautionary measure, most hoists have an emergency stop button. They also feature a manual immobiliser, to allow the user to be safely lowered if the battery change is insufficient to operate the handset. The proper use and safety considerations of any hoist should be explained upon purchase to both the user and the carer.

Try Before You Buy

Hoists and slings are an investment, which is why it is best to try the products prior to purchasing. At Life Mobility we offer a trial before you buy option for a range of our hoists and mobility products. We understand that no two situations are the same and that support should be provided to suit individual needs. Our friendly staff can guide you in person at one of our showrooms, or our mobility consultants can travel directly to your home for a product demo, trial or to facilitate a purchase.

At Life Mobility, we genuinely care for the well-being of our customers and are committed to helping them improve mobility to live a better life. Contact us directly here or enquire online to find out how we can support your mobility needs.


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