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Making your Daily Routine Easier with Life Mobility

For wheelchair users, anyone with limited mobility or recovering from an injury – performing everyday tasks like washing and dressing can become challenging. Fortunately, there are a wide range of living aids available that provide convenience, independence and support when performing everyday activities.

Here’s a list of essential daily living aids to help make your everyday routine easier and more comfortable:

Morning Essentials

Even if you’re a ‘morning person,’ having limited mobility can sometimes make starting your day difficult – particularly when it comes to dressing and undressing. If you rely on a family member or carer and want more independence our Ezy-Ups will allow you to dress yourself without assistance.

Ezy-Ups are an easy to use tool that will help you change underwear, socks, elastic waisted pants and skirts. They’re designed and suitable for people with flexibility and mobility issues of all ages! Check out how simple Ezy-Ups are to use below:

The Freedom Wand is a unique 4-in-1 toileting and personal hygiene aid for those finding reaching difficult!

When it comes to bathing and personal hygiene, reaching some parts of the body can be tricky and puts you at risk of further injury. This is where the Freedom Wand comes in handy! The unique 4-in-1 toileting and personal hygiene aid can be used to pick up toilet tissue, hold a sponge to wash, apply ointment and can also hold a razor shaver! Plus it comes with a handle, head and extension piece so you have a variety of lengths to work with!

Cooking Meals

Preparing and cooking food can be a chore and take a lot of time if you have lost mobility, coordination or dexterity in your hands and arms. Fruit and vegetables are a vital part of a balanced and healthy diet but chopping and peeling can become increasingly difficult.

The Reflex Knife range supports your wrists when preparing food.

If you struggle with flexibility in your wrists, Reflex Knives can help to reduce the risk of injury. The Reflex range of knives feature a lightweight, closed handle with blades set at an angle that minimises the need for wrist movement. Plus, they’re dishwasher safe!

Additionally to help you with those stubborn jar lids, you can use the One-Touch Jar Opener. Simply with the push of the button there is no twisting or pulling required!

Check out the One-Touch Jar Opener demonstration below: 

The Contour Knee Support can help you go about your daily activities with confidence. It’s easy to apply, comfortable and offers maximum support.  Getting Out & About  

Sometimes you need a little extra help to get out of the house. Depending on your level of mobility or independence, Life Mobility offers a full range of braces and body supports to help you get out and about again. We have:

Sleek and easy-to-use, the Premium Lift Overbed Table can be lifted, lowered and adjusted using the simple control handle.  Night-time Essentials

If you like to read, watch TV or just like to have a cup of tea in bed, an over-bed-table can help you avoid strain and support your posture. The Premium Lift Overbed Table can be used over both a bed and chair with tilting and fixed sections for personal adjustment and comfort.

It’s also important to take note of pressure care to prevent pressure injuries if you’re spending a lot of time in bed. One of the easiest ways to manage pressure care is by using a high-quality foam mattress.

Multi-layer memory foam contours to your body, redistributes your weight evenly and maximises comfort. If you’re not looking to replace your mattress, you can always use a Memory Foam Mattress Overlay Topper to increase comfort and minimise the chance of developing pressure injuries.

At Life Mobility, we aim to ensure that people living with a disability are able to lead an active and independent lifestyle. We understand that each person’s needs are unique and require a customised solution. View our range of daily living aids here or contact us for more information or advice on our products.


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