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Mobility Scooter Lock

Mobility Scooter Padlock
Mobility Scooter Padlock
Mobility Scooter Padlock
Mobility Scooter Padlock

Mobility Scooter Lock

Mobility Scooter theft is a growing trend, whether it be kids joy riding or thieves looking to sell them, insurance companies are reporting increasing incidents of theft. Many people believe that their keys provide a theft deterrent but most scooters can be placed in neutral and rolled away.

This mobility scooter lock is lightweight (less than 500g) and easy to carry with you. It features a 2 metre cable and a loop end to allow quick and easy attachment. The loop lock feature allows the lock to be slip knotted onto a pole or railing. You then slip the lock head through a close section on your scooter and secure the lock into the moveable pin. This along with the 2m long chain and simple to use key lock makes this the perfect theft deterrent for your mobility scooter or wheelchair.


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