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Wheelchair Boot Slider

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Wheelchair Boot Slider
Wheelchair Boot Slider
Wheelchair Boot Slider
Wheelchair Boot Slider

Wheelchair Boot Slider

The Wheelchair Boot Slider is designed to make is easier for people to slide a wheelchair into the boot (or trunk) of a car. People often have difficulty getting a wheelchair into the boot of a car, and usually resort to having to lift the wheelchair.

There are three pieces of equipment that make this work:

1) A special Boot Blanket that has a padded section to protect the rear of the car. The unpadded section goes inside the boot (or trunk) to give a slippery surface for the wheelchair to slide on when putting it into or taking it out of the car.

2) A Slider. This has a nylon cover with a platform to wheel the folded wheelchair onto, and a front cover to hold the wheelchair in position.

3) A Ground Protector. This is placed on the ground to protect the platform material on the Slider from getting wet, dirty or deteriorating on rough tarmac or other road surfaces. This has a webbing strap attaching it to the Boot Blanket, so it is not left behind when driving off.

This simple device is easy to use. Place the Boot Blanket into the boot. Undo one of the Velcro securing straps to open the front cover. Wheel the folded wheelchair into position and do up the securing Velcro strap. Lean the Slider against the car boot and then use the two front cover handles to lift the Slider up. The Slider can be rested against the thighs, so the person can walk forward to let the wheelchair slide into the boot.

Removing the wheelchair from the boot is even easier. There are two small loops that are used to lift the wheelchair onto the lip of the boot. Then hold the front cover handles to slide the Slider and wheelchair down to the ground.

Please note: This product is sold with 1 Stop Strap, which is the Velcro strap which stops the wheelchair from being wheeled too far forward on the platform part of the Slider. There is soft Velcro on the opposite site of the Slider, which allows for the wheelchair to be pushed on from the other side.

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