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We're Supporting Young People Living with an Acquired Brain Injury

...and we need your help!

The JMB Foundation was started in February 2007 and has two main aims: to provide financial support for care and rehabilitation for young sufferers of an acquired brain injury (ABI); and to give a public voice to those young people – who, all too often, literally cannot speak for themselves – and to their families and carers.

The Foundation aims to improve the shortfalls in the medical, financial, political and social services systems, in which young lives are often saved, but then not adequately supported on an ongoing basis.

Their fundraising efforts have allowed JMB Foundation to contribute significantly to the development of new, age-appropriate residential options for young Australians, who might otherwise have no choice but to live in an aged care home.

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Most importantly, it allows JMB Foundation to provide funding for young people with Acquired Brain Injury. Funding can be accessed for a range of purposes, such as:

  • Additional services/therapy for individuals residing in acquired brain injury care facilities
  • The provision of better and more appropriate home care
  • Participation in community activities that are otherwise out of financial reach for many; and
  • Equipment and home modifications that may mean the difference between an ABI sufferer living in a care facility and being able to live at home

JMB Foundation’s Vision

The JMB Foundation’s vision is simple: all young people living with acquired brain injury should be fully and appropriately supported in their financial, rehabilitation and accommodation needs.

The JMB approach is two-pronged: raising money for the ongoing care of those living with an ABI, but also to raise public awareness, not just of the need for the assistance JMB provides, but also of the tragedy of ABI and the life-long damage that can be inflicted by senseless violence.

Help can come in many forms; from funding for home modifications, such as the installation of ramps or wheelchair-friendly bathrooms, or equipment that assists with mobility or improves comfort levels, to contributing towards the cost of one-on-one care, remedial therapy, respite care or participation in community access activities.

This funding is only possible with the generous support of donors.  Donations are the Foundation’s sole source of income and the money raised is made available to approved applicants through a twice-yearly application process.  In 2017 JMB Foundation funded grants totalling almost $203,000, providing support for 25 young men and women living with ABI.  This funding has made a genuine difference to their care, comfort and quality of life.

The team at Life Mobility encourages you to donate using the below link, if you can. With the generous support of donors, the JMB Foundation can continue to provide the funding that makes such a difference to the lives of the young people they help.

JMB’s aim is to build their fundraising to enable an expansion of their grants program, so that in the future they can provide even more financial assistance to a greater number of young men and women with an ABI, and help to improve life for them, their carers and their families.

James Macready-Bryan was assaulted in Melbourne in 2006, on his 20th birthday.  This act of senseless violence left James totally and permanently disabled, leaving his family wondering how they were to care for their son and brother.

JMB Foundation is an ACNC registered charity.

Did you know...?

6,700+ young people living across Australia are forced to live in aged care nursing homes because they have to other appropriate option

Brain Injury will affect a person PHYSICALLY, as well as affecting how they THINK, FEEL and BEHAVE

The number of people living in Victoria with an ABI is 73,000, of which, 31,000 need personal assistance or supervision SOME or ALL of the time

2 out of 3 Acquired Brain Injuries are sustained before the age of 25. 3 out of 4 of these are MEN

3 out of 4 people living with an Acquired Brain Injury are younger than 65


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